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10. Under Observation Loops

Easy to Moderate Difficulty - 2 km, 3.5 km, or 6.1 km loops - Time 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 ½ hours - Heritage rail bed and quiet roads

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As with all of the trails in this guide, there can be many variations and loops, all of which lead off the old KVR rail bed under Observation Mountain.

If you are driving, park at the end of 12th St..  Take a stroll across the school field and out onto 77th Ave. and Boundary Drive. Walk along 77th Ave. past 16th St. and 17th St. and on past Phoenix Way.  Here 77th Ave ends and becomes a gravel path with a steep climb known as Suicide Hill for the sledders and bikers who come down it. Turn left and follow McCallum to the Trans Canada Trail rail bed.  Turn northwest along the TCT, past the Rotary Kiosk and the Station Pub and on to Coalshute Road.  Turn right and take the path on the south side of the road on to 19th.  Cross and begin walking on the blackened rail bed.  Look for a trail on the south side that will take you back to 17th back to 77th for a short loop. 

            On the rail bed, continue down to the path to Boundary Drive and a longer loop.  If you stay on the rail bed you will pass under a storage cave in the mountain, a remnant from mining days.  There is a large green city works storage building and lots of parking. There is also the new trail up Observation Mountain behind it.  Continue down the path beside 8th St until you get to trail leading up to 9th St. This is know as Reid’s Hill and is a favorite sledding spot in the winter.  Follow the alleyways and the walk leads back to 12th St and the school grounds.