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11. Saddle Mountain Trails

Very Difficult - 1.6 km - 40 minutes one way to the beacon - Steep forest path

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This new trail is a real workout but the views and the forested paths are worth it.  In 2008 a local developer gifted the east side of Saddle Mountain to the Regional District.  In order to provide public access to this gift he also gifted a 6 m wide trail from Hardy Mtn. Road to the new park.  The trail to the airport beacon links up with looping trails on the crown lands near the summit.  There is parking at the trailhead on a corner of Hardy Mtn. Road.  The trail is well marked with hand made shake signs as well as small rock towers. The trail to the beacon climbs almost 300 m in 1.6 km.  On the way up, look for the Saddle Bluffs trail that loops off the main trail. Once you get to the beacon you have the choice of continuing on another loop trail around the top of the mountain or continuing to Saddle Lake either by road or bike path.  If you choose to turn around and come back down to Hardy Mtn. Road you can take the Saddle Bluffs Trail.