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12. VV&E East

Moderate Difficulty

1.4 km one way - Time 1 hour return - Heritage rail bed and washout 

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The views both east and west from this walk are incredible.  The railbed can be seen from Highway 3.  It is not a walk for the faint of heart for it is a narrow trail and in some places quite rocky, with a steep drop-off to one side. The trail is on private property.  The owners are comfortable with walkers using the trail, but walkers do so at their own risk.  The best access is at Reservoir Road but parking is extremely limited.  Consider parking instead at the Boundary Museum which is 600 m down the road.  If you do park on Reservoir Road, please park on the south of the sharp curve.  There are a few bends as the trail begins then it levels out except for one rather rough area with loose shale.  Caution is called for so watch your footing.  It takes about 30 minutes to get to a spot that is parallel to the USCC Community Center. The old rail bed continues along the edge of the valley but swings north and ends at private property with no legal public access.   Please respect private property and turn around and enjoy those views going the other way.