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13. VV&E West

Easy - 3.8 km one way - Time 2 hours return - Heritage rail bed

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This is a wonderful walk or cycling trail.  The views are stunning, and the landscape doubly so, through grasslands, over hills, and through treed areas, with the rare old fruit trees here and there.  Flowers are everywhere.  Access is to the west of Grand Forks along Hwy 3, up and around Spencer Hill, past the gravel pit, to a lane on the right, across from Gibbs Creek Road.  At the fork in the lane, turn right again to where the lane ends.  There is just enough space to park two cars.  After parking, proceed up the slope to a survey marker.  Here begins the railbed, going past the gravel pit and swallow nest boxes. The trail winds past grass covered hills on one side and the spectacular view of the valley on the other.  It passes through Crown land and private land.  After the huge pine the trail dips and zig zags along.  Look for the water trough from the railway days on the upper side of the trail.  This is part of the old July Creek irrigation system used to water Doukhobour orchards and gardens. The path gently slopes downward and changes from gravel to grass, ending at Reservoir Road.  If you want a longer walk, VV&E East starts just across the road.