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14. Highway 3 Trail

Moderate Difficulty - 6.5 km one way - Time 2 hours Old pavement and frontage road  

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This new trail connects Highway 41 with the Trans Canada Trail where it crosses Highway 3, providing access to the West End along Hillview Road as well as Highway 41 that leads down to the joint Canada / US Border Station at Danville, WA.  This will eventually link with the Ferry County Rail Trail that connects to Republic WA.   It is an ideal walking and cycling trail. This trail crosses a number of busy streets and parallels a main highway where cars are traveling at 70 kmh or more so it is important to be aware of the traffic around you.  Starting at the junction of Highway 3 and 41, head east on the south side of the highway to the Cemetery Frontage Road, which becomes the Hall Frontage Road near the USCC Center.  Follow the Hall Frontage Road to Spragget Road.  Cross this road and follow the newly paved trail in front to Extra Foods and Kal Tire.  Continue on the Frontage Road passing the Regional District offices.  Cut through the Arena / Rec Center parking lot to 19th Street.  Cross 19th at the light and continue along Highway 3 to the entrance to the TCT.  Here you can either continue along Highway 3 to the downtown area or follow the TCT to the Black Train Bridge and City Park.