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15. The North Fork: TCT from Eholt

Moderate Difficulty - 21.7 km one way - Time 2 hours cycling - Heritage Rail bed and logging road

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The next two trails in this booklet are ideal for cycling and skiing as well as walking.  However, the North Fork Trail is best done downhill as the heritage rail bed has become quite rutted and sandy and poses a real challenge for cyclists going uphill.  It is also a ‘mixed-use’ trail so you may encounter ATV’s and dirt bikes. To do this, start by loading up your bike on your car and heading 24 km west out of town to the Eholt turn off.  Turn into the road and find the designated parking area on your left.  Unload the bikes and head south down the Brown Creek Road which is the TCT and a logging road so look for all kinds of traffic.  About 3 km south the road turns left downhill and heads for the North Fork.  Stay on the rail bed and pass through the Rathmullen Gate.  This side of the TCT has also been recently logged so the trail is wide and smoother.  Be careful though; there have been washouts in this section and the rail bed is narrow in spots.  Look for the trail down to the creek which flows all year round. Another 3 km and you will arrive at the first tunnel.  These rail tunnels can be dark so proceed on your bike only if you have lights.  The tunnels are beautiful in the winter with ice structures hanging from the ceiling and growing up from the floor.  After you exit this tunnel, the views of the Granby Valley below are breathtaking.  About 5 km further south you will find the next tunnel which is even longer and darker so be careful.  Just south of the tunnel’s exit is the historic Sectionman Shed.  This shed has been repurposed with bunk beds and table.  There is also an outhouse here. Please go in and sign the log.  Less than 2 km further south is the Fisherman Creek Road.  Look for the trail to the falls on the uphill side of the rail bed. Unfortunately, in 2015 a windstorm blew down some very large trees and the trail is difficult but still worth exploring.  The creek also flows all year round and is a good source of water if you need some. Travel another 4 km past the Goat Mountain Road and come to the Youth Bench recently placed on an ideal lookout by a group of young girls.  Continue on the rail bed around the gate and across Eagle Ridge Road.  This is a beautiful section around little Ward Lake.  It is a wonderful opportunity for birders to observe a wide variety of birds most of the year.  Continue on past two more gates designed to ‘quiet’ motorized traffic and arrive at the North Fork Road and another designated parking area and kiosk.  Not far away the Station Pub waits to serve you a quenching drink to celebrate your biking adventure.