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17. The GN Rail Trail

Easy - 1 km return - Time 30 minutes - Heritage rail bed

Google Map

Hidden behind Extra Foods are the old GN rail beds that brought passenger service into the city at the beginning of the 20th century.  These rail beds have become roads but many of them still exist in the fields on the south side of 68th east of Spraggett Bridge.  One of the most delightful trails is a short walk from the end of  25th Street and 65th Avenue.  Drivers can park at Angus McDonald Park just off of 68th and stroll down 25th until you see the raised rail bed running straight to the Kettle River.  It is less than 500 m to the river but it is a big wonder of engineering as the old rail bed is significantly raised above the surrounding fields.  Near the end of the trail the foot path veers off to the left to a beautiful little beach.  If you stand at the end of the rail bed you can only wonder how the railroad once crossed the river.  If you look closely and the waters are low you can see some of the timbers that supported this long forgotten trestle.  If you examine this landscape on Google Maps you can see how this rail bed lined up with the Y on the south side of Carson Road.