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4. Riverside Trail

Easy - 2.4 km - Time 45 minutes one way - Crushed gravel lit trail

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One of the most significant improvements since 2005 is the development of the beautiful Riverside Trail.  This crushed gravel and lit trail strolls along the Granby River from the forks of the Kettle and Granby rivers to Barbara Ann Park.  There is lots of parking at either end of this trail.  This trail is a must for anyone who wants to experience the best riverside Grand Forks has to offer.

The city acquired the lands around the forks in 2006 and turned them into a peaceful park with benches and lights. Stroll on the crushed gravel trail under the large cottonwood trees. There is lots of parking with doggy bags and garbage collectors.  Then wander up the trail past the emergency shelter, thrift store and coffee station to Sugimoto Park.  There beautiful flower gardens are adjacent to the river and are dedicated to a beloved long-term mayor.

At the end of the park, get on the sidewalk and walk up to Highway 3.  You are supposed to cross the highway at 2nd, but perhaps some day the city will complete a pedestrian walkway under the bridge.  Get back on the crushed gravel trail behind Happy Days Diner and head north to one of the most popular beaches in the region.

Sands Beach or The Corners is a beautiful sandy beach by a deep swim hole.  There is a lovely circular current that can take swimmers and tubers in a lazy circle on a hot summer’s day.  Here too the walker has a choice:  stay on the crushed gravel trail on the dike or move closer to the river and walk along a well marked single track trail past even more sandy beaches.  When you get to Barbara Ann you can enjoy another sandy beach, tennis courts and public washrooms.  The city recently painted Pickle Ball courts on the court surface as well.  This is not only a great walking loop but an easy tubing loop as well.  Put in at Barbara Ann Park and float gently down to the Corners Beach.  Get out, walk back, repeat.