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5. Riverside Meadows to the Dam Site

Moderate Difficulty - 2.3 km to the Granby dam site -Time 40 minutes one way - Forest path

Moderate Difficulty - 2.2 km to Copper Ridge - Time 40 minutes one way - Forest road

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Just a short walk from Barbara Ann Park is the new trailhead for the Riverside Meadows Trail that can take you to the historic dam site or the North Fork development known as Copper Ridge.  Start by parking your vehicle at the official trailhead at the end of 85th.  Soon the city will construct a new kiosk at this site as well as a gravel parking area. Walk on the public trail below the beautiful homes of this new subdivision.  Please respect the beaches in front of these homes as the land on the riverside of the trail is private property.  After the subdivision look for several hidden sandy beaches just off the trail.  These are open to public access. This trail also merges with several other trails. The first trail on your left will be the old Lincoln Trail that travels above the new subdivision. Again on the left look for the end of the Observation Mountain East Trail that leads back up to the top of the mountain. Just after that there is Copper Ridge cut off trail that is a shorter less steep route.  On the right, there is also the steep trail down to Nudie Cove just before the main trail leads up the hill to Copper Ridge.  The trail up to Copper Ridge is a bit steep but it connects you to the end of Prospect Drive where many locals start their walk despite the unfriendly signs. To get to the dam site continue on the trail beside the river as it weaves through the forest on the shoulder of the Granby River Gorge.  Further on there is another steep trail down to yet another beautiful ‘Hidden Beach’.  Eventually you will begin a series of challenging switchbacks that take you to the moss covered rocks above the dam site.  Here you will have a great view of the historic dam site, the Granby Gorge, and the grasslands to the east of the river.  You can turn around here but if you are looking for more walking explore to the north until you find the connecting trail down to the CPR Trail, the dam site, Snake Hole and eventually out to the North Fork Road.