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7. Observation Mountain Trails

Very difficult - 5.5 km - Time 2.5 hours return - Steep forest path and forest road

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If you are looking for a workout this trail is for you.  Known locally as the Grand Forks Grind the trail has been rededicated to those would ‘climb higher’.

There is designated parking at the Wildlife Hall kiosk that was installed in 2014 by the city.  Near the well-set entrance there is a plaque dedicating the trail. The trail has been improved and the new city bench, the Perepelkin Bench, has been installed at the first lookout after 300 m of steep uphill. The next 700 m of trail is a well-marked trail that provides scenic views over Riverside towards Elephant Head.  Hikers should wear sturdy footwear and carry water for hot climbs.  At the top of Observation, the star provides memorable and iconic viewpoints of the Kettle Valley and City below. Time yourself to the star and enjoy the ring of stone furniture constructed for you to rest on and plan your route down the mountain.  Basically there are three choices you can take to get back down the mountain.  First, you can walk down the road that has been upgraded since 2005 for the construction of the new Rogers microwave tower. This forest road leads you to the Copper Ridge Trail where you can turn right and head back to town on the Riverside Meadows Trail. Second, from the top you can hike towards the west down the ridge on a foot path towards the area known as Copper Fields. This is a much longer walk and there are lots of opportunities to get lost. Third, you can just turn around and go back down the trail. 

There are many paths on Observation Mountain used by local residents. Recently built, a new trail from the end of 8th and the old green city works building provides a longer climb and even more of a workout!