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8. Valley Heights & Upper Powerline

Moderate Difficulty - 2.2 km - Time 1 hour return -Gravel path with fences and gates

Moderate Difficulty - 3.4 km loop -Time 1 hour - Gravel road and gravel trail

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This trail has not seen many improvements but it is still beautiful.   Park your car at the end of Valley Heights Drive.  Then walk up the trail past the reservoir which has seen extensive repairs since 2005.  There are actually lots of trails and roads to explore.  A slightly different longer loop takes you up to Lost Lake and other well marked trails developed by the Grand Forks ATV Club.  Please consult Google maps for details. To get started drive east on Highway 3 out of downtown Grand Forks and over the Granby River Bridge.  Immediately turn left onto the Granby Road, then turn right on Valley Heights Drive and wind your way around to Victoria Way.  Try to park your car to avoid blocking traffic.  Walk up to the junction and turn right and up past the reservoir.  Climb through the fence and turn left and keep climbing.  At the summit of the trail there is a good view of the City and the North Fork valley.  Keep going and open a range gate to get through a  fence and turn left onto a single-track path.  Look carefully for the homemade bench just below the trail that was placed by a local family.  Continue on until you are back at the first fence and gate and turn right back down to the street.


The Upper Powerline Trail provides stunning views of the Kettle Valley both east and west of Grand Forks.  It is an all season trail that provides great access to wildlife viewing.  Mule deer and bighorn sheep are common sights and in the spring this is an excellent area to catch a glimpse of bluebirds.  Park at the end of the pavement on Winnipeg Avenue in the Valley Heights subdivision.  Follow the rough roadway, cross the cattle guard and follow the rougher road until it joins the Morrissey Creek Road.  Continue on the Morrissey Creek Road for 250 m and turn left onto a rough road that goes straight up the hill for 200 m.  Turn left onto a power company trail near the upper power line.  Follow this trail and enjoy the views until this trail crosses a well-defined road that leads into the hills and great hiking country above Grand Forks.  Your loop makes a small jog here as you turn right for a couple of steps and then left and then a quick right on to an old road that will take you downhill to the upper reservoir road.  Turn left onto this road and after you cross a fence continue down the hill past the main city reservoir and back into the Valley Heights subdivision.