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9. Evergreen Cemetery & Johnson Flats

Easy - 1 km and 2.4 km - Time 20 minutes or one hour return - Quiet roads 

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A short walk or drive from the Black Train Bridge Trail is the Evergreen Cemetery. There are great views for birders along the Johnson slough as well as an opportunity to admire a wide variety of newly planted trees.  The old pines and spruces which gave the cemetery its name were taken down in 2007 after they were damaged by the pine beetle and weakened by high winds. 

A good place to get started is at the new dog park. Park at the new parking lot on 18th Street.  Ironically you won’t be able to do this walk with your pet as the cemetery is a ‘No Dog’ zone.  Consequently, it has become a haven for the white tailed deer which is also a change from 2005. Sneak along the south edge of the dog park fencing to come out in the cemetery. Walk along the edge of the cemetery lawn overlooking Johnson Slough.  See how many bird species you can identify. You will eventually come to a fence and gate on 13th Street.  Go through it and turn left and walk up to 66th.  There you turn left again and stroll down and come in the gates of the Evergreen Cemetery.  There are still a few spruce trees left of the old evergreen corridor.  If you take the time to study the old graves at the south end of the graveyard, you will get a good idea of the early history of the town and the people who created it.  From there walk back to the dog park.

If you want a longer loop and you want to take your dog, stroll south from the dog park parking lot along 18th Street.  These are roads but they are very quiet.  Turn at 59th Avenue and walk up to 12th Street.  As you walk north back to Kettle River Drive look for the culvert that takes the water from the slough back to the river.  It is full of aquatic life and is a favorite haunt of Grand Forks children.  Walk up the short hill to 66th and eventually return to the dog park by 13th or through the lane on the outside of the cemetery fence.